Dungeonsticks Walls


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DungeonSticks - a modular tabletop design system that is fast and easy, and designed to use with a gridded battle map! This set uses the starlink geometric peg system, which allows semi-locking at 45 degree geometric angles.

It consists of 17 wall sections which have been FDM printed and hand painted. (Please note FDM prints will show some layer lines unlike resin. Extra figures and die not included). Larger sections are 3”, smaller are 2” long and walls are 1” high. All items will be matt varnished for extra protection.

Extra wall sections can be printed and painted on request.

If you would like a figure painted with custom colours or sizes, please contact me.

📦 All international parcels are sent with tracking.

ℹ️ Source models are copyright Hero’s Hoard / EC3D Designs, provided as an officially licensed seller.


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